Iron Sky: Attack of the Moon Hun Menace

This column was originally published in the Central Western Daily on Tuesday 29th June 2010.

It’s 1945 and, following a major breakthrough in technology, the Nazis develop flying spacecraft and retreat to the dark side of the moon. In 2018, they return to Earth to seek their revenge and the battle to save the world from Nazi conquest begins again.

Sounds like a fantastic big budget science fiction film, right?  Well, the budget will be slightly more modest, but Iron Sky is currently in pre-production and is due to hit cinemas and the internet in 2012. With a budget partially funded by supporters across the world and plans to film in Australia, fans can assist in the production and even score an appearance in the movie as an extra.

Following the success of the micro budget science fiction comedy “Star Wreck: In the Perkinning” which was filmed in a two room flat in Finland, director Timo Vuorensola and producer Samuli Torssonen have moved on to the more ambitious project of bringing the “Moon Hun Menace” to the big screen.

Iron Sky will be created in collaboration with hundreds of fans worldwide. Via the internet, the producers are open to submissions regarding the storyline, production or any other ideas that may assist with the making of the film. Tasks are also placed online for volunteers to perform. Recently, to hopefully make the battle sequences as realistic as possible, the producers were seeking advice regarding what happens when metal armour plating is hit by a projectile. So far over a dozen “experts” have replied with photos, videos and information.

The producers of Iron Sky are also seeking investment in their project. Starting from €1000 (around $1400), investors can earn themselves a private screening of the completed movie or even an associate producer credit, as well as the potential to make money if the film turns a profit.

For those of us with less cash to splash around, the Iron Sky website also has merchandise and supporter packs, known as “war bonds” for sale, with proceeds going towards the film budget. Having visited their stand at the Supanova pop culture expo last weekend, I am now a proud owner of an Iron Sky t-shirt.

The Iron Sky production team have recently arrived in Australia to scout locations and studios. Now with Australian producers on board, much of the film will be shot here, potentially on the Gold Coast. This means that Aussie fans have a good shot of being chosen to appear as extras in the movie. To be considered, simply send your picture and a short description of yourself to the Iron Sky website. With a bit of luck, you might make your motion picture debut fighting Nazis from the moon.

Iron Sky represents an exciting new method of collaborative filmmaking and I can’t wait to see the final product, especially if I manage to score a walk-on part.

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