The Dark Knight Rises: a near perfect film but not without plot holes

I’ve just returned from experiencing The Dark Knight Rises in glorious IMAX. As my 129th movie for 2012, I am pleased to say that I have given it 9 out of 10. Christopher Nolan has managed to conclude his Batman trilogy with an epic thriller that will enthral audiences worldwide. However, I still left the theatre wondering about a few plot points that didn’t make sense.

Below are my plot holes for The Dark Knight Rises. If you can explain them to me or have others to add, please let me know.

1. How did Bruce Wayne / Batman return to Gotham City following his escape from the prison? All of the access point to the city were blown up or blocked.

2. Why didn’t the prisoners attempting to climb out of the prison use the rope (that they were all tied to for safety) to be pulled most of the way and thus save their energy for the final and most difficult part of the climb?

3. Why did Miranda (Marion Cottilard) not reveal her true nature until Batman returned to Gotham? Once she had control of the bomb and Batman broken, what possible advantage was there to maintaining her secret identity?

4. Why didn’t Batman focus his attack on Bane’s mask in their initial battle? It was pretty obvious to me that it was his weak point.

5. Was Bane’s mask electric? Batman used a gun that knocked out electronic devices early in the film. It might have been worth a try.

6. Is Wayne Manor located in Gotham City? Why wasn’t it attacked by Bane’s thugs?

7. If Bane knew that Bruce Wayne was Batman, why didn’t he look under Wayne Manor for Batman’s weapons and vehicles too?


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  1. Hi there, you’re right, the movie DOES have a lot of plot holes, and the climax of the movie is almost identical to Batman Begins (BIG fail there) but a lot of your plot holes aren’t actually plot holes:

    1. I’d wager that scenes were cut here, however, US special forces got into the city, and I’ve no doubt the Dark Knight got into it with ease … he took a wood boat. I do wonder how he paid for air-travel mind you. I guess Bruce has a lot of friends! Once again, I’d wager a few scenes here were cut.

    2. You are probs right here, but it’s dramatic ha ha

    3. Tate was needed to rat out any attempts to stop Bane/Her plan – and she did rat them out. So it was prudent that she was placed to stop it.

    4. Batman wasn’t at his best in the initial fight. And he made a mistake that cost him his back.

    5. He didn’t have his emp rifle. That was clipped to the batpod I believe.

    6. Wayne Manor is outside Gotham City. But what’s the point? They got most of Wayne’s useful gear i.e the tumblers. No one needs spare Bat Suits.

    7. See 6. Nothing useful. He just needed the tumblers. He had most of the gear he needed.

    MY major plot hole (in terms of theme) is after 3 films banging on about how it’s bad to kill someone and that’s why Batman is Batman, Batman is fine with Catwoman turning Bane inside out. It’s like, “move along, nothing to see here”. I also find it very hard to believe, I know it’s a comicbook movie, but for Bane to rig every bridge with explosives … it’s a bit much.

    A great movie though. Star Trek was filled with bigger plot holes, but that movie, and TDKR are just so good, they bypass the plot holes.

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